A Career in DBC

  • Are you a key player, a proactive and dynamic person? 

  • We are recruiting more top and talented physiotherapists and individuals to join us in building DBC clinics nationwide. 

  • If you are a top player in your area - business, physical therapist or a group of physical therapists - please contact
    03-2181 6387 or e-mail us your resume ( We can help to enhance your potential talent / skills, thereby enabling our clinic to expand your community.

5 Good Reasons to make the commitment to change and be part of DBC

  • The efficiency and measurability - focusing on the excellent musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment results, we are hence able to transparently demonstrate this measurement of success to our stakeholders.

  • The opportunity to focus on our core competencies - organize centralized key support functions, call centres, marketing communications, information management, financial management, personnel administration and materials management.

  • Continuous improvement – being an integral part of the strongest professionals in the chain, your activities provide immeasurable support to the constantly evolving methodologies, information systems, training and equipment of DBC.

  • Security & Stability – DBC is financially sound and rewards high performers.

  • Business Resources – a well supported organization, having extensive contacts with physiotherapy and rehabilitation service providers; protecting the interest of our various stakeholders remains one of our top priorities.