DBC Physiotherapy has scientifically developed a superior conservative spine treatment methodology. This innovative treatment has been designed to help medical professionals provide better outcomes, in a more effective, efficient, economical and clinically different way, thus improving patient satisfaction while lowering clinic costs. Documented as the best evidence-based, bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program, we can address back and neck pain in a conservative program. We can also provide a more objective triage for people suffering from diminished spine functionality.

Below you can view the DBC Active devices. This will provide insight into why repetitive movement, gradual loading and isolation are key to restoring function to the stabilizing structures of the spine. There are other important details medical professionals should know as well, so contact us for an opportunity to see this methodology, discuss what your needs and objectives are and how DBC Active Physiotherapy can help.

Lumbar Thoracic Extension

Lumbar Thoracic Rotation

Lumbar Thoracic Flexion

Lumbar Thoracic Lateral Flexion